How to Perform aFree License Plate Search?



There is always a point in life that the need to locate the driver of a vehicle or the owner for that matter is what we aim for. It could be for the reason that this car has damage your own car parked outside your garage and this car just didn’t try to stop and investigate.

That’s running away from his responsibilities. If you have the plate number, you can make a search to get the name of the owner, the address and the telephone number so you can contact them and discuss the incident.

Or in cases where there is a car that was driven by a minor and you saw it swerving the street.You need to find the owners,identify and contact them as this might be a case of their child trying to learn how to drive on his own. You will be helping out the parents and protecting your neighborhood from possible danger.

What are the requirements for the search?

Pursuant to the “Driver’s Privacy Protection Act of 1994” there should be a legitimate and valid reason for requiring the information. In the earlier cases mentioned both are valid and legitimate, so you are within the bounds of the law.

How is this done?

This license plate search is practically offered in many websites across the worldwide web. Many of them would promise for an instant search, free search while others will be charging fees varying from $60 to as much as $150 in order to get the records of that individual.

Other Options

Another option is through a private investigator who will likely charge at a minimum fee of $75  to pull out the driving records of a person.The last option is to join a membership site for a $35 fee per year which will allow you to make a search in their database for unlimited times if you need the information. It could likewise include searches for background records, court records, criminal records, asset records, divorce records, judgments, liens, birth records and those sex offender records.